Tikkun Olam Concert

Sawuti Choir Sing Together


The Calgary JCC is pleased to present The Sawuti Choir - Sing Together, a concert with exuberant singing, drumming, and dance! This Tikkun Olam concert (Hebrew for repairing the world) is an invitation to make the world a better place.
The Sawuti Choir will lead the singing in Koolulam style, which is the gathering of strangers with no singing experience, together in one place, creating a musical sensation.
The Sawuti Children's Choir from Rwanda is on their 2019 Canadian Tour, sponsored by Return Ministries. This organization brings Jews and Christians together and invites them to sing along with the choir.
The children are sponsored by the Canadian organization Seven Wells, which provides education, school supplies, and family support in general to these children.
For more information email Shula Banchik.
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