Teens (Grade 7-12)

Get the feeling your teenager doesn't want to hang out with you as much? Well, it might be a good idea to drop them off at the JCC. We have programs geared towards teens and youth groups to build your child’s leadership skills and get them involved in the community!

Teens Empowered and Unleashed
This class is designed for teens who are interested in high intensity resistance training in a supervised setting. The workouts will utilize weights, cardio and body weighted exercises in circuits that keep the heart rate elevated and push you past your limits!

Teens Empowered (for girls)
Tuesdays Sept.12-Nov.28
4:30-5:30pm (12 classes)
$138/Member $162/Public .  10281

Teen Unleashed (for boys)
Wednesdays Sept.13-Dec.6
$138/Member $162/Public  10291

Teens Unleashed and Empowered 16 years+
Tuesdays Sept.12-Nov.28
6:00-7:00pm (12 classes)
$138/Member $162/Public

Lightning Family Martial Arts
Martial arts for all ages! Great for beginners or those with experience. Age specific classes with instruction from our team of dedicated practitioners. More than just kicking and punching twice a week. Learn discipline, self- defense, get in shape and have fun!

Youth Ages 10y+
Mondays / Wednesdays Sept.6-Dec.13 
6:15-7:15pm (27 classes, no class Sept.20, Oct.9)
$240/Member $270/Public 10290

Youth Boxing Ages 10-13y
This class is is designed for youth and will concentrate on basic movements and skills such as stance, proper form, breathing, and specific conditioning aimed towards the sport of boxing. Kids will learn about this sport, have fun, and enhance sportsmanship, with or without the gloves.

Thursdays Sept.14-Dec.6
4:30-5:30pm (12 classes, no class Sept.21)
$138/Member $162/Public 10272

Youth Tennis Ages 7+y
Game, set, match! Learn everything from different grips and swings, to fitness and match play. All skill levels are welcome. Classes will be held in the gym should we experience inclement weather.

Thursdays Sept.14-Oct.26
4:15-5:15pm (6 classes, no class Sept.21)
$60/Member $80/Public 10390

Teen Connect
Teen Connect is the BBYO type experience made just for grade 7 and 8 students offering social and meaningful experiences that will serve as a gateway to continued involvement in Jewish life.Teen Connect offers teens a variety of experiences to help bridge the gap between middle school and high school. The purpose is to provide middle school students with a positive experience in which they can get together with camp, school, and synagogue friends, as well as meet new friends.Teen Connect allows middle school students to begin experiencing the privileges and obligations of being a member of the Jewish and general communities. A heavy focus is on the social aspect of programing, allowing for connections to be made which in turn will foster a stronger Jewish future. Teen Connect is a pipeline program that leads directly into BBYO.To get your teen connected or to refer someone, contact Joel Zimmerman at 403-444-3155 or jzimmerman@cjcc.ca.

BBYO is the leading pluralistic Jewish teen movement aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in more meaningful Jewish experiences. For 90 years, BBYO‘s leadership programs the Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA, high school fraternity) and the B’nai B’rith Girls (BBG, high school sorority) have been providing exceptional leadership programs and identity enrichment experiences, shaping the confidence and character of more than 400,000 alumni who are among the most prominent figures in business, politics, academia, the arts and Jewish communal life. With year-round activities in hundreds of local communities and inspiring world-wide travel experiences, BBYO’s broad program menu enables teens to explore areas of social interactions, leadership, service, civic engagement, Israel education and Jewish values. Calgary is a part of the “Northwest Canada Region” which brings together teens from Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Vancouver for weekend long conventions four times a year. To find out how your teen can become involved locally with BBYO, or to refer someone, contact Joel Zimmerman at 403-444-3155 or jzimmerman@cjcc.ca.

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