Preschool (4-5)

Fun is the name of the game in our programs for preschoolers. All of our programs focus on kids learning in fun, creative environments. Whether it’s a beginner’s swim class or one of our creative Kids ‘R’ Us Programs, the JCC has programs tailored for the different needs of parents with young children.

KidStart Literacy 4-5y 
KidStart Literacy is a wonderful program designed to help your preschool age child better prepare for Kindergarten. This unique program is taught by Dianne Struthers, a licensed early childhood educator with 27 years of experience in the child care profession. Dianne uses a variety of hands-on learning techniques to engage her young students. The program runs full year from September 2018 to June 2019 and follows the CBE calendar.

Sept.5- 2018 - June 2019
$3,310*/Member $3,977*/Public 5584
*Payments will be scheduled monthly

Ready, Set...3s! FULL
Welcome to the JCC’s, Ready, Set...3s! program with a curriculum specifically designed for three year olds. This program offers a wide range of activities that prepare children for junior kindergarten the following year. Activities include: crafts, creative movement, drama, science, gross motor play, fine motor focus and interactive play. Ready, Set... 3s encourages socialization, builds self-esteem, and prepares children for a lifetime of learning. The program runs full year from September 2018 to June 2019 and follows the CBE calendar.

Sept.4, 2018 - June 2019
$2,474*/Member $2,950*/Public 5597
*Payments will be scheduled monthly

Pre-School Dance Ages 3-5
This introduction to ballet and jazz dance will get your child moving and expressing themselves to music. Yael Guterman, La Pointe Dance Studio owner and teacher, will teach children rhythm, body awareness, musicality, and basic dance steps. Boys and girls will gain confidence and enjoyment. 

Fridays Sept.14-Dec. 21
12:45-1:30pm (15 classes)
$270/Member $330/Public 5602

Young Rembrandts Pre-School Ages 4-5y 
Learning to draw basic shapes is an essential building block for every artist. Our lady bug and gumball machine provide excellent practice for drawing circle shapes. From there, our lessons will become more challenging. The clown puppet and Frankenstein monster are great introductions to character drawings. Other drawings like the delicious candy bag and beautiful fall scene will strengthen your child’s compositional skills. Enroll your child into a Young Rembrandts class today – they will love it! 

Tuesdays October.2-Dec.4
3:30-4:15pm (10 classes)
$115/Member $135/Public 

Sportball Multi-Sport Ages 3-5y
Multi-Sport classes are the heart of Sportball programming. Coaches focus on the basic skills common to all sports such as balance, coordination, stamina, and timing. All done in a fun, supportive, and non-competitive setting that emphasizes teamwork. Each class focuses on one of eight different popular sports: hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, and tennis.

Tuesdays Sept.25-Oct.23
1:00-2:00pm (5 classes)
$110/Member $130/Public  5585

Tuesdays Sept.25-Oct.23
2:00-3:00pm (5 classes) 
$110/Member $130/Public  5586

Tuesdays Oct.30-Nov.27
1:00-2:00pm (5 classes) 
$110/Member $130/Public  5587

Tuesdays Oct.30-Nov.27
2:00-2300pm (5 classes)
$110/Member $130/Public  5588

Hip Hop Kids Ages 4-6y
Your children are guaranteed to have fun, gain confidence, get active and learn some hip hop moves, such as the Running Man and Nae-Nae, in this interactive dance class. Physical activity has never been so fun, make sure to sign them up today!

Tuesdays Sept.25-Nov.27
3:30-4:15pm (10 classes)
$115/Member $135/Public  5556

Kids Yoga Ages 4-6y
Children will use movements, music, books, relaxation, and crafts as an introduction to yoga in a fun and engaging way. The focus is on developing fine motor skills, physical strength, and self-regulation. This class will plant the seed for a lifetime of fitness and promote early literacy, musicality, creativity, and FUN! Sign up today!

Mondays Sept.24-Dec.10
3:30-4:15pm (10 classes, no class Oct.8, Nov.12)
$115/Member $135/Public  5558

Junior NBA Ages 5-7y
Jr. NBA is an entry-level program created in alliance with Canadian Sport 4 Life/Long Term Athlete Development initiatives. The curriculum has been developed by NBA Basketball Operations and a team of experts in child development and physical literacy, and basketball fundamentals – providing an active and healthy learning environment. Games are modified to be age-appropriate, simple and fun.

Sundays Sept.23-Dec.16
11:00am-12:00pm (11 classes, no class Oct.7, Nov.11)
$130/Member $150/Public 5555

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