Preschool (4-5)

Fun is the name of the game in our programs for preschoolers. All of our programs focus on kids learning in fun, creative environments. Whether it’s a beginner’s swim class or one of our creative Kids ‘R’ Us Programs, the JCC has programs tailored for the different needs of parents with young children.

KidStart Literacy 3-5y
KidStart Literacy is a wonderful program designed to help your preschool age child better prepare for Kindergarten. This unique program is taught by Dianne Struthers, who is going into her second season of teaching at the JCC. She is a licensed early childhood educator with 27 years of experience in the child care profession. Dianne uses a variety of hands-on learning techniques to engage her young students. The program runs full year from September 2017 to June 2018 and follows the CBE calendar.

Tuesdays/Thursdays Sept.5-June 2018 9:00am-12:00pm
$210.50*/Member $252.50*/Public 10220
*Fee is per month and based on 10 months

Kids R Us
Half day programs for jr. kindergarten and kindergarten children

Mondays: Kids Can Skate
Tuesdays: Kids Mind Body & Soul
Wednesdays: Kids Science
Thurdays: Kids Can Swim
Fridays: Kids Culture

Young Rembrandts Pre-School Ages 4-5y
Young Rembrandts classes will challenge and excite your budding artist while preparing your child as a lifelong learner. Drawings like the marbles will help your preschooler master the art of the circle, a deceptively simple yet complex shape. The acorn and apple tree drawing will strengthen your child’s compositional skills and use of colours. These are just a couple of the many great lessons our students will learn. Enroll your child today – they will love it!

Tuesdays Apr.10-Jun.12
3:30-4:15pm (10 classes)
$150/Member $180/Public 11146

Sportball Multi-Sport Ages 3-5y
Multi-Sport classes are the heart of Sportball programming. Coaches focus on the basic skills common to all sports such as balance, coordination, stamina, and timing. All done in a fun, supportive, and non-competitive setting that emphasizes teamwork. Each class focuses on one of eight different popular sports: hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, and tennis.

Tuesdays Apr.10-May 8
1:00-2:00pm (5 classes)
$110/Member $130/Public  11017

Tuesdays Apr.10-May 8
2:00-3:00pm (5 classes)
$110/Member $130/Public  11018

Tuesdays May 15-Jun.12
1:00-2:00pm (5 classes) 
$110/Member $130/Public  11019

Tuesdays May 15-Jun.12
2:00-3:00pm (5 classes) 
$110/Member $130/Public  11020

Hip Hop Kids Ages 4-6y
Children will learn popular hip-hop moves such as Body Pop, Wave, Happy Feet, Running Man, Criss Cross, Moonwalk, and Nae-Nae in this urban/street-style dance class. This is a fun class for active children who like to express themselves through dance and music, as well as a great environment to develop good social skills at an early age.

Tuesdays Apr.10-Jun.12 
3:30-4:15pm (10 classes)
$110/Member $130/Public  10845

Kids Yoga Ages 4-6y
Children will be taught the basic poses and mindful movement. They will participate in breathing activities, share circles, laughter yoga, partner yoga, and many other cooperative learning games and activities. These activities develop character, creativity, positive social interaction, emotional balance and bodily awareness.

Mondays Apr.9-Jun.18
3:30-4:15pm (10 classes, no class May 21)
$110/Member $130/Public  11012

Junior NBA Ages 5-7y
Jr. NBA is an entry-level program created in alliance with Canadian Sport 4 Life/Long Term Athlete Development initiatives. The curriculum has been developed by NBA Basketball Operations and a team of experts in child development and physical literacy, and basketball fundamentals – providing an active and healthy learning environment. Games are modified to be age-appropriate, simple and fun.

Mondays Apr 2-Jun 25
5:00-6:00pm (12 classes, no class May 21)
$132/Member $144/Public 10843

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