Pilates with Corrina Anne-Poss

Redcord Intuitive Rehabilitationist, RMT, and Pilates Specialist

For over a decade, Corrina has been teaching, practicing, and guiding those who have made the decision to get out of pain, stay out of pain, and have a better sense of balance. After studying massage therapy, trigger point and active release therapy, she wanted to learn more; not only how to manually help the body, but also how to empower her clients to maintain their bodies through movement. This led to certification in Iyengar Yoga Levels 1 and 2, Stott Pilates (ISP), Neuromuscular Redcord Active training, and Anatomy Trains manual and movement certifications. She also became a Fletcher Matwork Licensed Provider. Corrina also ventured into OsteoPilates and body rolling techniques and obtained certifications in both. She also studied – and continues to study – energy rebalancing, qigong, and shamanism. All of the above happened after Corrina was hit by a truck and a light bulb went off that said… LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

Using Pilates techniques along side massage therapy techniques, a personalized Pilates program is available for you. Corrina is able to design programs that benefit your posture and fitness, assist with your rehabilitation process at all stages, and allows your body to feel longer and leaner. Book now to reserve your spot! Twice a week is the best way to go at the start.

One hour pilates (prices are per session and do not include GST)
1 session - $95/member $105/public
5 sessions - $90/member $100/public
10 sessions - $85/member $95/public

Corrina is accepting clients on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday mornings. 

Email or call Corrina at 403-389-3693 to book your appointment.