Notice of Pool Closure

In order to address your safety concerns, we will be closing the pool, hot tub, and sauna from January 1 to 13. This work will include a silica sand coating on the stairs and the shallow end of the pool to make the surface non-slip, as well as the addition of a centre railing to the stairs.

Our aquafit participants are invited to join our Active Living Program at no cost while the pool is closed. We will also offer the following

Building Bones and Cardio land classes:

  • Thursday, January 3 and 10: 8:00am
  • Sunday, January 6 and 13: 9:00am
  • Tuesday, January 8: 8:00am

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this closure and appreciate your understanding as we work to improve your JCC.


Aquafitness classes are FREE to members. The general public may pay a drop-in fee to attend the class.

Download the Aquafit Schedule

Aquafit Class Descriptions

Our goal is to create the opportunity for everyone to experience the magic of water as an effective means to safely strengthen, condition and rehabilitate the body. Water has a thousand times more resistance to that of air so it can provide an awesome workout. It is suitable for everyone – athletes, the general population, seniors, people with injuries and / or physical limitations. It is like the bank with no credit – you only get what you put in.

All our aquafitness classes are 45 minutes in duration. They are led by a team of highly qualified instructors. The components of all classes are: a warm up, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle and core strengthening, and stretching. Water specific equipment may be used and is provided. Participants are always encouraged to work at their own pace and instructors offer options to either increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. An added bonus is the friendly and caring atmosphere amongst the participants and staff. How do you select the class best suited for your needs? Maybe a certain time fits your schedule. All levels of fitness may be accommodated in any class. Following is a brief description of each type of class offered at the JCC:

Aqua Variety
A challenging class offering a variety of formats and styles that change from week to week. May include deep water workout, Tabata, tether, interval, boot camp, circuit or shallow, Aqua Zumba® or Aqua Zen classes.

As You Choose
Participants are free to choose to work out in the deep water wearing a flotation belt or in the shallow water with their feet on the floor. With careful attention and preparation, the instructor is able to teach to all participants.

Deep Water Workout
Want to offer yourself a challenging cardiovascular workout? Wearing a floatation belt, you submerge yourself in the deep end of a pool for a deep water workout! While your deep water aerobics class has a low impact on your joints, it has an enormous impact on your cardiovascular system with the help of the resistance in the water! Class formats may vary between Tabata, circuit, boot camp or interval. Equipment may be used to enhance strength training and core strengthening.

Shallow Water Workout
Activate your aqua urge for exercise! This class is held in the pool’s shallow end in chest-deep water so your feet are always touching the floor. Shallow water workouts improve agility, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Equipment may be used to develop strength and balance.

Tether Deep Water Workout
Aquafit enthusiasts will benefit from this fun cardiovascular workout in the deep water! There is a strong focus on core stability while performing deep water moves which will result in increased intensity. Participants will find themselves tethered to a lane rope with a bungee cord attached to a belt. Great for beginner to advanced!